Text Analysing


This site scans for previos work. The idea is that it sees if somebody else has created a work before you.

Analysing Text:

Since I have used a mix of auto generation and text search on the internet, I can only tell you when I regisred a given text, I cannot tell you if the text is an original I have made or if somebody else has made it.
So what you can say if you can find a match to your text you know that somebody else has written that text at the latest at the date, the system gives, but it might have been significantly earliter

Partial matches.
if the system cannot find a complete match it will look for the closest it can find, and insert the missing text in red
An examble could be "To be or not to be a bumblebee" Match 87%. The date the system will give you is the date at witch time the black text was registered.
Further the system will update to include your text, as well as use it to generate some aditional texts.

Analysing Images

The idea is the same as for the text, given an url to an image a key is found for a matching image, given an key the mathcing image is retrieved.
Due to space constraints all image in the system is scaled to 200*200 (preserving ratio), also the colour depth are somewhat lower than 24bit. So when an image is retrieved it finds the closest match.


I don't remember where I got this idea at first, but it was recindled by the Freefall comic